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Priorities & Strategies


Customers Satisfaction




Operational Excellence

We strive for high productivity and lean operations which enables us to provide competitive prices while increasing profitability.


We study the market demand in order to provide the customers with the best requirements.

Innovation and Continuous Development

We  develop new products and services based on an understanding of market demands

In addition, we continuously optimize our existing products and services to give our clients the edge.

Staff development

We give more importance in developing  the skill and expertise of our employees; by creating better opportunities.

V-Continuous buildup of Knowledge

We are continuously looking to enhance our technical knowledge and level of expertise. In addition, by keeping ourselves up to date with latest market developments- we can simply deliver better. 

Specialized in
  • Propulsion System.
  • Overhauling of Main Engine and Auxiliary Engine.
  • Complete Package of Marine Engine with Stern Arrangement up to 1200 HP component repairs.
  • Repairs of Cargo Pumps, Deck Machineries.
  • Hull repair.
  • Hull treatment.
  • Complete Package of Industrial Gear Boxes, Motors & Centrifugal Pumps.